Help poors, disabled and children
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H E L P S   P O O R ,   D I S A B L E D   A N D   C H I L D R E N   I N   N A K H O N   R A T C H A S I M A

About Us

  • Sharing for life foundation is a private charity non-profit organization.
  • It was registered on 22nd February 2012 by a group of people who want to live the spirit of merciful love taught by Jesus Christ.
  • The main center office is at Camillian Pastoral Center-Lat Krabang Bangkok.
  • In the compound of the Home For the Aged Ratchasima there is a coordination office for the Isaan Region.


The purpose of this project is to help poor, disabled and children in Korat. Giving love and care to them make them feel not lonely or abandon.

Who are the poor?

  • The welfare department calculated that the average amount necessary for people to come out of poverty line and live with dignity is 3,500/month.
  • Most of the poor who can walk, collect and recycle plastic, paper, can, glass bottles. Sometimes they get 50baht/day.
  • At the moment we visit regularly 159 poor people.(101 female and 58 male)

Thank you for your visit

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